A film about coming of age and coming out, “Who We Love” tells the story of Lily and Simon, best friends who navigate the troubled waters of school life and explore Dublin’s vibrant and sometimes dark LGBTQ+ scene under the sharp eye of reluctant mentor Oonagh.

Who We Love is the feature film adaptation of the IFTA nominated, award winning short film LILY. Directed by Graham Cantwell and written by Graham Cantwell and Katie McNeice. Cinematography by the Ray Sisters.

“It’s the unflinching scrutiny of the less upbeat elements of the gay coming of age narrative, together with sparky performances from Clara Harte, Dean Quinn (as GBF Simon) and a likably feisty Amy-Joyce Hastings in the supporting role of Oonagh, which elevates this teen/young adult-aimed drama above some of the less gutsy examples of the genre. Who We Love is tougher and angrier in its approach to the bigotry and cruelty which remains the first thing that many young people encounter when they venture out of the closet. A talking point film, this should connect with younger audiences through streaming platforms and perhaps a theatrical release.”