When Booker Prize-winning author PC Molloy is blackmailed into writing for tabloid gossip magazine Poison Pen he is not only caught up in a world of stars and their secrets but he is also in danger of turning into a celebrity himself. Cultures clash and sparks fly as the cerebral Molloy reluctantly becomes the celebrity interviewer for vain celebrities. But as his own star rises he soon struggles to keep his own secrets off the front pages. Things get further complicated when he finds himself falling for his new boss, April Devereaux, but can there be any room for romance in the world of celebrity publishing? His only way out is to get fired but that proves to be his toughest challenge when everyone wants a little PC Molloy magic.

Graham co-wrote this fun and quirky comedy with Eoin Colfer of Artemis Fowl fame. It won the Best Narrative Feature Award at the Ojai Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote of the film: “Skewering celebrity culture, as superstar morons inveigle ways to keep their names in the news, screenwriters Eoin Colfer and Graham Cantwell have penned an edgy but warm story. They’ve created an engaging screwball romantic comedy, as the starchy writer and his trendy editor fall for each other, and, to boot, have pierced today’s media with some lethal wit.”