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If you put four dwarfs in a hotel room with enough opium and alcohol it’s bound to end in tears…

During production on The Wizard of Oz rumours spread around Hollywood of wild Munchkin sex orgies, drunken behaviour and general dwarf debauchery. More sinisterly, a Munchkin is said to have committed suicide by hanging himself on the set during filming. It is a claim that has passed into Hollywood legend.

Set in a hotel room in Culver City, California, Babylon Heights is Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh’s scabrous and hilarious imagining of what could, very possibly, have led to that dwarf suicide.

Featuring performances from David Heap, Rachel Rath, Dermot Magennis and John Fitzpatrick, the show played for an initial two weeks and was extended to three weeks by popular demand.

What the critics had to say:
"A sensitive story of oppression full of rare humanity."
"Simmers with tension."
- Roz Britton, Metro

"Claustrophobic and nightmarish atmosphere of foreboding."
- John McKeown, Daily Mail

"Paints a realistic picture of the discrimination faced by the pint sized performers."
- Allison Bray, Irish independant

"Provocative backstage drama."
"Deliriously vulgar and as subtle as a sledgehammer."
- Jill Lawless, Associated Press

"A funny satire that makes you think."
- Vincent Woods, Rattlebag

"Upbeat direction."
"Flags important issues of discrimination."
- Helen Boylan, The Sunday business post

"Deliciously macabre."
"A set that is a nightmarish flipside to vibrancy of the Wizard of Oz."
- Padraic Killeen, The Irish Examiner

"Rolls a hand grenade under the door of American popular culture."
"A manic, hallucinatory world at the heart of an enduringly innocent Hollywood fantasy."
"A hilariously caustic commentary on the shooting of The Wizard of Oz."
- James Redmond, Village Magazine

"Makes for a hilarious, yet touching evening."
- In Dublin

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Publicity still for the play

Babylon Heights
Directed by Graham Cantwell
Written by Irvine Welsh & Dean Cavanagh
Produced by Marie-Louise O'Donnell



Copyright © Graham Cantwell
-- All Rights Reserved --