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BOYS' LIFE (2005)
Boys' Life concerns itself with the cynical lives of three twenty-somethings. At that age, "lives" and "sex lives" are virtually synonymous. Most of their waking hours are spent either on the prowl or rationalizing and justifying their quest, its successes and failings.

Boys' Life plays out in a series of scenes in which Jack, Don and Phil follow different trajectories through the minefield of post-adolescent development. Jack, the least grown up, is married with a child, but has eyes that still wander; Don, apparently the most mature, finds someone to love even though he must prove it to himself by comparison; and Phil is, well, still looking.

With a sterling cast including Emmet Scanlan, Barry J Byrne, Cillian Roche, Karl Argue, Rachel Rath, Camille Donegan, Andrea Murphy, Celine Mullins, Clodagh Reid and Patrick Moynan, the show played to packed houses for a three week run in Andrews Lane Studio.

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Graham on the set of Boys' Life

Boys' Life
Directed by Graham Cantwell
Written by Howard Korder
Produced by Damian Cunningham



Copyright © Graham Cantwell
-- All Rights Reserved --